The Health and Wellness Benefits of Probiotic Drinks

With a range of health and wellness benefits, probiotics are the new must have drink. But why are they so good for you and where can you try them? Let’s start at the beginning.

1. What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are a form of live bacteria that when consumed regularly can help to balance the gut flora and improve the levels of friendly bacteria found in the body. Many of us have depleted levels of friendly bacteria in our guts due to poor diets or antibiotics, so probiotics are important to redress this imbalance in the body. 

2. Why Drinking Probiotics is Good for You

By promoting better gut health, probiotic drinks can help with many conditions, particularly those associated with poor digestion. This also makes probiotics a great way to alleviate uncomfortable stomach complaints such as bouts of IBS and diarrhea. Improving your levels of friendly gut bacteria can help keep your immune system strong and as probiotics also aid with the breakdown of bile, they can stop it being absorbed back into the body as cholesterol, therefore encouraging better heart health and overall well-being. 

3. What are the Health Benefits of Milk Kefir?

Kefir is the new buzz product when it comes to the health industry and it is easy to see why. Similar in texture to yoghurt and traditionally made from either sheep’s or goat’s milk, kefir contains naturally occurring high levels of probiotics. It can be a great alternative for those trying to cut down on cow’s milk and as it is packed with protein, it is also a fantastic choice for those looking to swap out full fat yoghurt for a more health conscious alternative. 

4. Why Should I look for Soil Association Certification? 

When choosing to purchase probiotics as drinks, it’s advisable to make sure the product is soil association certified. This stamp of approval helps to ensure that the probiotics you are consuming are quality ingredients. The soil association is a regulatory body that ensures all their products are of the highest standard, organic ingredients so you can be assured you are consuming the best for your body. They also work closely with farmers and suppliers helping to keep products sustainable, environmentally friendly and providing a fair deal for those that grow and cultivate these important ingredients. 

5. Where Can I Buy Probiotic Drinks? 

Due to their growing popularity, probiotic drinks are now widely available. Not just found on the shelves of specialist health stores, you can now find probiotic drinks for sale at the local supermarket, chemist and even at the petrol station. These little bottles of goodness help keep your body balanced and can give you a boost any time of the day.

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