Hot to take care of Grey Hair

With gray hair, you can quite effectively fight. To do this, as often as possible use the juice from the fruits of cherry, apricot, raspberry, wild strawberry, blackberry, pear, onions, as well as healing extracts of fig leaves and kalanchoe. Infusions of these products can also be rubbed into the scalp. This will strengthen the hair, improve its condition and slow down the process of graying. Try to drink a course of a vitamin complex within 1 – 2 months. It should include vitamins A, E, C, B, nicotinic acid, riboflavin and folic acid, which you can buy anywhere in NYC. The course is preferably held every six months. This will increase the tone of the body, strengthen the nervous system, and stop the process of bleaching hair. And in some cases, the intake of para-aminobenzoic acid in high doses in combination with folic may even return the natural color.

Do not pull out gray hair. First of all, New York barbers know there will be less of it because of this, others will appear anyway. And secondly, you can damage the scalp, inflammation will begin and then there will be many problems. Every day, do a 5-minute head massage. Adhere to a healthy lifestyle, eat well, be attentive to your body, avoid stressful situations and take care of your hair. All this will preserve the natural color and strength of hair, as well as fight with gray hair, if it has already appeared.

If you do not get rid of already existing gray hair, you can hide it from others. To do this, there is a huge amount of cosmetics, ranging from tint balms and ending with hair dyes. The difficulty is just to choose it correctly. And remember that in a month the hair grows by about 5 – 15 mm. So, every 3 – 4 weeks it will have to be painted.

If the gray hair has just begun to appear and the silvery hairs are very small, you can use a tinted shampoo similar to the natural hair color. Hair will get shine, and colorless strands will look burned out in the sun.

For dyeing ashy hair it is better to use a tint balsam of warm tone. And in no case you should not experiment with a bright, intense shade, since on the graying strands this color will look sharp and stand out strongly.

In the case when the gray hair on the head is about 30 – 40%, it is already better to use paints of mild action with a small content of oxidizer. They lie on the hair evenly and keep well.

For a simple but reliable hair dye with gray, it is better to use dyes with a color close to the natural, but a lighter tone.

Moreover, preparations that paint only gray hair have begun to appear, and other rest of hair is untouched. The procedure is simple and takes about 5 minutes of time, and the effect remains visible for up to 6 – 8 weeks.


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