Falling hairs are concern of every human being facing it but still in this fast paced routine life we often neglect the early signs of hair loss and rely on multiple opinions to resolve the issue by our friends and family. But in later stages seeing a growing bald area becomes a point of concern when people starts noticing it and look for permanent solutions for hair loss. Hair loss could be a shattering experience for the sufferers as it has a psychological impact on one’s life and lowers the self esteem and self confidence. 

People are facing problem of hair loss at a higher prevalence rate with the changing lifestyle, increasing pollution and increased stress In addition to the genetic and hormonal influence as a risk factor for hair loss these factors acts as contributing factors. To cope for social and professional need of hairs people look for permanent options which is undoubtedly hair transplant. 

People despite knowing about the term hair transplant have sparse idea about this procedure which to a certain extend can be fulfilled by primary consultation. Hair transplant is the procedure involving harvesting of hair follicles from the donor area majorly scalp or other parts of body and transplanting them at the recipient bald area. 

There are 2 techniques by which hair follicles can be extracted from the donor area. Firstly, FUT which involves the extraction of strip from the donor area followed by segregation of grafts by technicians and then transplantation of these grafts at the recipient site. Secondly, FUE which involves individual harvesting of hair follicles from the donor area followed by transplantation of grafts at the recipient site. Recently, in cases of requirement of greater number of grafts combination technique of FUT+FUE has been introduced which has added advantages over either of the techniques performed alone.

Some of the necessary aspects to be aware about hair transplant in Delhi include:

  1. Hair transplant clinics in Delhi: Delhi has become hub for hair transplant clinics as with the growing demand of this procedure. People from all over the India and international countries prefer Delhi for their hair transplant being the capital city. With the increasing lime light of this procedure clinics of substandard levels are also flourishing which are deteriorating the credibility of hair transplant. Hence it becomes crucial for patients to perform their diligent research and then opt for the clinic rather than just relying on online portal advertisements.
  2. Cost of hair transplant in Delhi: Due to increasing number of clinics hair transplant cost in Delhi is taking a downfall. But with the cheaper clinics credibility of the hair transplant is also doubtful. These cheaper clinics opened like bakery shops in Delhi have hired unprofessional and untrained staff majorly technicians to perform such précised procedure which should only be performed by super specialized plastic surgeons. These clinics utilize substandard instruments for cost cutting and perform the procedure without maintaining surgical protocols of hygiene and safety. With these entire compromises one can easily expect the compromised results one would achieve after spending a handsome amount. Hence, it is better to not just go after the monetary attraction but be careful about your own health and well being.
  3. Hair transplant surgeons in Delhi: There are very few genuine clinics run by expert surgeons in Delhi. Ideally, MCh plastic surgery is the specialty which deals with cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant but nowadays, without any authorization physicians and mere technicians are performing these procedures in many clinics in Delhi. It is of utmost importance to decide the clinic as per the surgical skills, qualification and experience of the clinician because this is an unavoidable component for successful and best possible hair transplant results. 

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi has become a cream destination for hair transplant worldwide. With the constant effort and hard work we have achieved peaked position in the field of hair transplant and constantly maintaining the top position with our 100% success rate. We have oathed to not compromise on any aspect which could halt the success of the procedure or is harming patient in any way possible. We are pioneer in terms of maintaining international standards with latest technology and performing the procedures in aseptic conditions.

Dr Suneet Soni, in house surgeon of Medispa is top tiered in the field of hair transplant and has an experience of more than 13 years. He has performed more than 5000 hair transplant surgeries with 100% success rate. With his excellent surgical skills he has an upper hand in artistic approach which makes him deliver best possible results with natural look. 

If you are looking for hair transplant in Delhi then Medispa is the right choice which is an authorized hair transplant centre and is jeweled with the top most hair transplant surgeon: Dr Suneet Soni. 

Feel free to book for primary consultation with us for any query. 

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